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Crèche BioBébé

"The Montessori Nest"

The after school care welcomes kids from 3 to 12 years old when there is no school

  • Pick up directly from school from one of the teachers
  • Different activities including swimming, modern dancing, music lessons
  • As much time as possible outside, including the forest
  • Special classes in wood carving, clay modelling and "technique/automation" rooms

The Foyer Scolaire buildings are opened throughout the whole year even during school holidays:

  • School Term : 11h30 - 19h00
  • School Holidays : 7h30 - 18h30

Mamer Building:

  • École Européenne (Mamer)
  •  St. Georges


Belair/Merl Building

  • École Européenne (Kirchberg)
  • École Vauban
  • St. Georges
  • École Cessange
  • École Kiem (Kirchberg)
  • École Limpertsberg